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New Profile of the Day: Quality4Kids

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Quality For Kids is a program created by 3 school districts and the American Supplier Institute in southeast Michigan designed to teach children "the science, methods, and culture of quality."  Quality For Kids does two things.  The first is called Personal Academic Planning.  This works to help kids with their future academic careers.  By teaching kids skills such as time management, the kids are more likely to succeed in the future.  The second thing it does, "Design Optimization," runs parallel to the normal STEM curriculum that the students have, and works by teaching kids to try to optimize their work in every project.  Quality For Kids also tries to emphasize critical thinking in the students.  In many assignments students need to identify both cause and effect, and analyze multiple variables at once.  Through teaching these skills, Quality For Kids prepares the children for their future in the workforce.  To learn more about Quality For Kids, check out their STEMconnector profile today!

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