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New Profile of the Day: MIT + K12


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In December, 2011, Ian Waitz, MIT’s Dean of Engineering, launched the MIT-K12 project, driven by a series of questions: How can we change the perception of the role of engineers and scientists in the world? What can MIT do, right now, to improve STEM education at the K12 level? What if MIT became a publicly accessible “experiential partner” to the country’s K12 educators? What if MIT students generated short-form videos to complement the work those educators are already doing in their classrooms and homes? MIT students who participate in the MIT-K12 Project are given $1,000, training on how to shoot and edit video, and production and pedagogy support in order to create classic experiment training videos. Then MIT, through its multiple educational outreach programs, provides these videos to educators across the country. MIT+K12 is a collaboration with the Khan Academy, which helps distribute these instructional videos to a larger audience.
On the MIT-K12 website, educators can browse videos by categories such as physics, biology, astronomy, chemistry, engineering, and transportation. Videos are also broken down by grade level. Additionally, if a teacher is looking for an instructional video on a specific lesson plan, he or she can create an assignment for an MIT student to complete. To learn more about the MIT K12, check out their STEMconnector profile! And check out an example of a MIT K12 Video below.


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