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Junior Achievement USA & ING Foundation’s “Teens and Careers” Survey 2012

Junior Achievement USA and the ING Foundation recently released the 2012 “Teens and Careers” Survey, which examines how confident teens assess their ability to attain their “dream jobs” and their willingness to pursue other careers (including STEM jobs) in order to receive a better-paying salary.

 As an aside, although we at STEMConnector™ feel it is important for more young people to consider pursuing STEM degrees and careers, that is not to say we do not find value in other pursuits (the humanities, financial services, public service, etc). Consequently, we find the fact that only 43% of teens surveyed in this study felt “very confident” about someday obtaining their “dream job” a somewhat sobering statistic. At the same time, the “Teens and Careers” survey finds that 71% of teens would pursuing a higher-paying job over their dream job. Furthermore, 61% of teens would consider a career in STEM and the medical fields. These statistics indicate that the ability to convince young people to go after STEM jobs is there.

Here are some other findings from the Junior Achievement and ING Foundation “Teens and Careers” Survey:

And a chart on what jobs teens what after graduation: