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Join the STEM Conversation!

STEM TownHalls are quarterly webinars on STEM with top-notch speakers from across the spectrum of STEM Education. The objective is to bring together industry, education and thought leaders to learn best practices and new ideas. The next Town Hall is 2PM ET on May 2, 2012 and covers the topic “Workforce Planning to Fill the STEM Jobs Pipeline.” Confirmed speakers on the call include: Governor Jack Markell of Delaware, Rick Stephens, Senior Vice-President for Human Resources and Administration at Boeing, Marc Morial, former Mayor of New Orleans and current President and CEO of the National Urban League and Hank Jackson, President and CEO of the Society for Human Resource Management. 

“The STEM Town Halls bring together our most important constituencies: Education, Industry, Government and Non-Profits in one place. This provides the basis for developing informed and well-balanced viewpoints on STEM jobs: one of the most important issues facing our country today,” said Edie Fraser, STEMconnector™ CEO.


STEMdaily™ is a free daily news feed that provides subscribers an average of 15 daily news stories from major media outlets, blogs, wire feeds and affiliates across 10 categories—delivered each afternoon by e-mail. Arriving at subscribers’ inboxes at 2PM every day, the STEMdaily™ contains summaries of articles and links to original content in an organized and easy-to-read format. Prior to its launch, there was no comparable news product offering coverage of corporate engagement, government involvement and service providers’ activity around STEM Education and STEM Workforce Development. The STEMdaily™ staff carefully selects stories that relate to investment, policy change, innovation and other important topics.

“STEMdaily™ fills a key communications void that was absent from this critical policy discussion,” says Robert Boege, Executive Director of the Alliance for Science and Technology Research in America (ASTRA) and Executive Director of STEMconnector™.

“STEMconnector is becoming the glue that ties together the growing STEM movement. Good things are happening in many corners of the country and more people need to know about them,” added Brian Kelly, Editor of U.S. News and World Report and a co-host of the STEM Solutions summit conference.


To join several thousand leaders in STEM and sign up for the STEMdaily newsletter, head to For more information on the May 2nd STEM Town Hall and to register today, go to!