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Inaugural 100 Women Leaders in STEM Role Models Launch

Dallas, TX at STEM Solutions Summit- In celebration of women role models in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), STEMconnector™ unveils  in hard copy and online its inaugural 100 Women Leaders in STEM publication. The heroines included in 100 Women Leaders in STEM share stories about their commitment to serving as mentors and sponsors of those who are next in the STEM jobs pipeline. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says, “We need you and we need this generation of women to stand up and serve as role models to encourage young women to develop the critical skills needed for the competitive workforce of tomorrow.” As Susan O’Day, SVP and CIO of Disney reflects, “We need to be more aggressive in showing girls and young women role models and highlighting stories of successful leaders.”  Ellen Kullman, CEO of Dupont adds, “It is fun when  you see that light bulb go off and when you know you’ve helped someone see STEM in a different way.”

We recognize women are a major solution to STEM careers in every sector.  With these role models, the  goal is clear--  to advance the cause of attracting more girls and women to STEM careers as our country´s economy relies more than ever on a prepared STEM workforce. Major credit is due these 100+ women leaders who are paving the way to more than 1000 we can recognize and represent the millions of women and girls in the STEM education pathway to STEM careers as we move beyond the 25% of women in STEM fields, according to Edie Fraser, CEO, STEMconnector™. 
100 Women Leaders in STEM showcases the careers and initiatives of more than one hundred women leaders who are active role models for the underrepresented segment of women in America’s growing shortage of STEM professionals.  Also included are insiders’ perspectives about the traits needed to advance in the STEM professions, and how women in particular can make a difference. The publication features profiles of leaders in the corporate, government and nonprofit sectors, including CEO´s, Presidents and key public officials including four US Senators, and the EPA / NASA Administrator and Deputy Administrator respectively. (See complete list below).  Also included are Opinion Editorials featuring interesting data and perspectives about women in STEM. 
The 100 Women Leaders in STEM launch takes place at the U.S. News STEM Solutions Summit in Dallas, TX on June 28, 2012.  The launch is hosted by Deloitte and AGU,  is at  5:00PM on June 28, 2012. To view the full details of the launch and RSVP, visit  A follow up celebration for the 100 Women Leaders in STEM will be held in Washington, D.C. on October 2, 2012 at 5 PM. The online version will include these heroines and STEMconnector’s website will feature each of the profiles.
Janet Foutty of Deloitte Consulting comments that we need to double down on our efforts to encourage, engage and empower women. “There is no better time to start than today.” 100 Women Leaders in STEM will empower thousands of women for STEM.  Collectively we commitment to millions of women and girls with STEM careers.
To RSVP or for any media inquiries, contact:
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